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Brenda's Services

Brenda offers the following services below

Psychic Readings

Brenda can read your love, career, relationship, finance, family, health court, dreams and past life






Medical Intuitive

Whether you want to focus your Seven Chakras or have questions about your well being or health, Brenda is an exceptional medical intuitive to give answers to help in the aid of medical concerns. This is simply an aid to help you in the direction your spirit guides message Brenda to focus on. You need to follow up with a licensed physician to make the ultimate decision in all health care choices.






Psychometry is the gift of taking a physical object like a photograph or something a loved one had and being able to pick up intuitive messages with it,

Gem Stone Readings
Mediumship Readings

Brenda is able to receive messages from loved ones and from your angels & guides to give healing and closure to you and your family.

Reiki Therapy

Brenda is a Reiki Master and can use this technique to heal your body through the grace of God with laying upon the hands.

Brenda can intuitively pick up what is in your home and communicate with it to find out why it is still dwelling there or why it is bothering the tenants. She can also guide you on how to bless your own home safetly, and how to rid of it and how to bless any unwanted entities to the other side through the light. 

Paranormal Investigations
Animal Communication

Brenda and her mom Anne are both cerified animal communicators. They communicate with your pet to have a better understanding of their needs and health through your pets point of view.

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